Terms of Service

Manami Terms of Service

Terms and conditions


This Manami-delivery.com website is meant for clients to access the service and order online delivery. This page covers the terms and conditions for using the website.


Terms and conditions

1. Registration

You must first register with us by creating an account on our website in order to send orders. You are simply need to give us with honest and correct information. You must also keep the information you supply us up to current by notifying us of any changes to the information you supply to us.


2. Service

Manami-delivery.com has a delivery service for laundry, food, and beverage. However, we have a delivery cost that is based on distance. The shipping fee will be mentioned on the website.


3. Cost and payment methods

Costs for laundry services and goods are published on this website including delivery expenses. If the consumer experiences an unexpected change, please contact Line ID: @manamicafe right away.

We offer two payment methods;

     1. Cash on delivery

     2. Transfer to a bank account and the customer must upload the slip on the website.


We will inform the client right away if there is an emergency in the service, including laundry delivery services, and food and beverage delivery services.



If you have any questions concerning the terms and conditions, please contact as followings;

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone no.: 066-92-317-4044(TH), 0855-78-459-288(KH)
  • Line ID: @manamicafe